Too Much Simplicity

GoVenture World is too easy. In this point, it is more like “convince others to let you get rich” then an “authentic business game”. The four types of business + other services are easy to master. I propose making more types such as food and beverage, cleaning, technology, and many more. We should even halt the retailer and manufacturers system into an complex real life system that actually resembles the real business world.
If you find the secrets to negotiations, price, and much more you are going to win for rounds.

Hey, I appreciate your thoughts on this but I do have to disagree with some of the observations, if you don’t mind me saying so :slight_smile:

If the game was too easy, the leaderboards would be full of highly profitable businesses. But, as you can see, many players struggle. This often happens because players don’t put the work into understanding or doing the activities they need to do to be successful.

If a player takes the time to understand how things work and puts the time into doing the activities needed, they will be somewhat successful. This is true of the real world of business too.

You may find this to be easy, but I can assure you that most players do not. Business concepts in the real world are not difficult to understand. They are not complex math or physics. But most people still find business difficult to do.

I think you may be wanting an experience that is more focused on the detailed operations of a business. We purposely designed GoVenture World to not be an operations focused experience, that’s why you don’t see those types of activities in the game.

But, the good news is that we do have a highly-realistic operations focused business simulation called GoVenture Entrepreneur. I invite you to find out more about it here — GoVenture Entrepreneur Advanced & Small Business | GoVenture

Thanks for inviting me. I had to make this because there’s simply nothing to do. I understand GoVenture is focused on experience, the problem in on the current system.

It focuses too much on negotiations and partnerships, and you need them to strive, but other things such as location and business reports are rather ignored.

I recommend making this a bit more complex, and make the upcoming rounds more exciting and more complex. This makes even experience players learn, and makes it fair.

I do like to thank this for experience because only experience probably gets you rich. It is rather problematic is you do not have time for GoVenture.

I tend to agree with these comments. I just started playing and find that there is limited things to do until you build cash or gain exp. may want to consider the purchase of raw materials for manufacturing and other business impact items so that it extends game play.

@ATX_Enterprise I think a lot of the fun in GV, at least for me, comes when you are making one-off decisions or negotiating with other players.

If I were to make one change in complexity though I would make it so that businesses have to specialize their upgrades past a certain point - like purchasing certain quality upgrades would lock certain quantity upgrades. Requiring you to decide what is best for your business and raising the opportunity cost of certain upgrades. Right now it’s more of “how long will it take me to pay off this one-time purchase?” The consumer profiles system tries to do this, but it’s not in depth enough for me right now.

Agreed. Mam, this forum is very active and I didn’t expect these replies to an rude thread.

@Jameson_David, what do you mean by this – can you describe it further:

like purchasing certain quality upgrades would lock certain quantity upgrades*

Cheesy reference, but I think the most comparable thing would be Balloons Tower Defense Tower Upgrades. The first 2 upgrades are always available. In GVW, the equivalent might be 40/40 feature/quality upgrades and the first few efficiency upgrades. After that, in Balloons Tower Defense you are required to specialize. You could get an upgrade that fires lots of darts to cover a lot of balloons, or you could get an upgrade that makes each individual dart more powerful, and you can only choose one specialty which creates an opportunity cost.

If this were to be implemented in GVW I think it would be something where maybe a 120 quality rating is available, but if you have 120 quality the maximum feature rating would be 80. Or you could have 120 features, but a maximum of 80 quality. - Once you purchase an upgrade towards a certain rating, the other option becomes permanently unavailable, or maybe only one “advanced” upgrade could be active at a time. Alternatively, maybe a business could drastically increase its maximum unit production per day, but be forced to forego upgrades past 40/40.

Obviously that would be a huge change, but I think it would force retailers to look at consumer profiles (maybe even buy consumer data) and be aware of what their country wants. Manufacturers would need to be aware of what retailers want, etc. The real world counterpart of this might be how Walmart leans towards operational efficiency, while Apple leans toward product leadership. Both operate in the United States, but they serve two different market interests and have very different business strategies.

@Jameson_David, this is a very interesting suggestion you have.

It would solve a problem we have where many players feel like they have to achieve 100/100 even though we did not design the game to be like that. We designed the game to have a variety of Quality/Feature combinations so players could match the consumer profiles in their country, as you suggest.

We have a new Invention Add-Ons feature coming that will change the features/quality settings and that may be a good time for us to consider introducing this other concept as well.

Thanks for sharing your suggestion.

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Yeah, thank you guys for the constant improvements! Also, I know you guys haven’t gotten a lot of praise for it since the reset but I love the changes to legal/accounting/investment banks. I think a little bit of work is still needed to make competition viable but those businesses are way better than the last beta. Right now my law firm MBG legal dominates competition because I show up at the top and have a high business rating. Cheers!

Hey, thanks for the nice feedback :slight_smile: