There are no law firms to be my representative

Okay I’m trying to negotiate a deal with someone and I can’t send them an offer because it says “No business containing search term”. I’m only posting this because I’m literally on the verge of being bankrupt and I’ve already taken out a loan.

We are investigating. Thank you for posting.

Please log out and back in again and try to select a Law Firm.

it is still a bug . Please fix it asap

The law firms work except the investiment banks are bugged too

Have you logged out and back in again?

Have you logged out and back in again?

Yes I tried

We are having trouble recreating this issue, logging in to your account we can see the bank.

Try this…

  1. while in Goventure World, press the “F12” key.
  2. The debug window will open.
  3. Select the “Application” tab
  4. Click “Delete Database”
  5. Refresh page

Following the above steps, you should see the Bank.