The guide - 1 - BXP

The key to advancing within the game quickly is BXP. Cash will come with successful operating businesses but to optimise you need to be able to add more as soon as your cashflow allows.

There are some shortcuts early on like doing all the courses - 5 x 500bxp and all the challenges 50bxp each x 30 by the end of the round but released slowly. You get 400 to 500 bxp for startup training including 100bxp for opening your first business. Each new business is 100bxp but only once per day…

There is also a legacy advantage with automobiles that allows you to play daily for 88 bxp as a retailer (plus some cash) and 90 bxp as a manufacturer (plus gives you 9 cars). These will disappear along with Flash.
Bonuses for taking a loan, issuing stock and your IPO, hiring a law firm aren’t daily (or shouldn’t be)

To be a leader in this isn’t hard - it just takes a lot of work and discipline. Here is a list of daily bxp tasks that you should do to optimise your gains.

Read Mail 10bxp
Finances - Review 10bxp
Marketing - Bid on spot 10bxp, win spot 10bxp
Save a Note 10bxp, Chat 10 bxp
World Market - Review economy 10bxp
Bonds - review 10bxp, sell 1 50bxp, buy 1 50bxp
Stocks - review 10bxp, sell 1 50bxp, buy 1 50bxp
Manufacturing business - production order 20bxp, direct sale 50bxp, place on open market 50bxp, sell on open market 10bxp
Retail business - direct purchase 50bxp, on market purchase 50bxp

Clearly to maximise early on you should have both a manufacturer and a retailer.

Not saying the above is complete bit if you have more - please add them

What is Save a note?

SAVE A NOTE is typing something in your JOURNAL on the Smartphone.

It’s a coincidence that you posted this today as we’ve just started a conversation internally about bXP grinding.

We do not want the game to be a bXP grind, but bXP does play an important role in measuring player progress and learning validation. We are exploring whether there is a bit too much grinding necessary and if so we want to consider lowering the bXP requirements for starting new businesses.

Here are the current numbers (March 2020)

  • MFG/Retail 2,000
  • Drones 14,000
  • Ad 4,000
  • Law 4,000
  • Bank 5,000
  • Transport 2,500

Player feedback welcome.

I have no problem with the bxp levels. It’s easy enough to get up to 2 companies if you do a bit of work and then it’s a function of having the cash anyway. Ad should be abandoned anyway and law should be admin only

Two suggestions.
Make transport 2k so that an experienced player can start in that - maybe 2k and a gold award from previous rounds?
Lower the bxp step for later businesses from 3k to 2 k so that getting to 9,10,11 and 12 is faster

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