The ability for Retailers to market to consumers

The ability for Retailers to market to the simulated consumers.

A consumer buy only one car at a time. A consumer always want to test a car before buying it.

For differents products (objects we can send in a box), selling using a virtual commercial website would be interesting.

I may be wrong but i don’t think it would be realistic to sell car to final consumer using a market.

Pricing levels on the open market are pretty obvious with all the listings. You could set retail prices based on your COGS and overheads but there’s no reference point like average historic sale prices. Any chance of a daily report listing sales prices against quality levels?

Not sure but check out the Product Competitive Report and see if that is what you had in mind.

Ahh - very good thanks

We do plan on adding more reports to give you insights into what’s happening. Another report to look at is WORLD MARKETS > Revenue and Profit