Thanks GoVenture!

Just a quick thanks to the GoVenture team. I’ve been looking for a game like this for a long time.

Extremely excited to see how this grows. It’s going to be a gamechanger for business education - something that is very much needed.

Thanks GV!!


Hey, that’s nice of you to say, and we appreciate your support and enthusiasm!

Our game is not a game without players like you!

your game is highly addictive

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Thanks Thorien … you’ve been amazing at helping us find and document bugs!

I have a like a predisposition to find bugs :wink:

regarding documents, i know solving bug is quite hard without enough informations.

Your game is nice. It need some time to make it stable and optimized but concept is here.

What you will need soon is a way to promote game and keep players.

Yes, once we get the game stable and are confident about its scalability, we will open it up to more players. Thousands signed up for the BETA previously, so we think we can get many of those people to play when ready. We have also been GREENLIT on STEAM so when we are ready we can make it available there to make it available to STEAM’s 100 million users.

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I think the game needs another 10 or 20 new players to make some of the markets function or we’ll just get all players doing their own supply to improve reliability.

I’m certainly enjoying the concept and complexity potential.

There are new players joining every day so we will be at a few hundred players soon.

Tip: When the Open Market was low on supply or had vehicles priced above the range I wanted, direct campaigns worked well for me.

Most recently, a direct campaign by another player offered bulk orders. I sent an offer that was well under the Open Market price range and they accepted.

But I also did it myself. When I had autos that I wanted to move, and competition had increased in the game due to the influx of new players, I used the direct marketing campaign to notify players that I had inventory. And that helped me move some of my supply from my manufacturers.

Of course, right now, I’m doing well moving autos on the Open Market. I bought up some of the supply myself, under-priced what was offered there, and orders are coming in quite fast.

It also keeps a good supply in the pipeline for my retailers by picking up quick orders on the Open Market for them, to make sure the showrooms have inventory. With shipping delays, I don’t like inventory falling to zero or my staff costs generate expenses without anything to sell. And I don’t want to lay off my sales team! They get grumpy about that. Ha ha. :slight_smile: