Tell us what products to add next to the game!

The game has started with AUTOMOBILES. Tell us what products you would like to see added next!

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Please make it possible to change your in-game name. I jokingly inserted one and it turns out I’m not able to change it anymore. You should also add more products such as mobile phones, clothing, furniture, etc.

If you visit “Manage Business”, you will see a button for “Move or Rename Business”. Here you can rename any Subsidiary you have created. Unfortunately, you cannot rename your Holding Company.

Thank you for your feedback, we are looking at adding more product types to the game in the future.

Unfortunately there is no public mechanism for renaming your holding company at this time. We allow your subsidiaries to be renamed. I can edit your holding company name if you wish,

I like to see a new product which is bought and sold in large volumes but less cost(less than exisitng car I mean). Like food stuff or mobile phones or household electronics. And if they have less manufacturing time than the car since they must be manufactured in large quantity that would be great.

I would love to see a wide variety of appliances and electronics to produce, and maybe even more vehicles like planes or boats. More variety in the vehicle area and more of a move into the world of consumer goods is what I would personally like to see from this game!

i would like to see softwares and licenses in this game

I would agree with darkinion - It doesn’t matter what the product is - let’s say bread or generic groceries that people would buy every week. Much higher volume but low price so that price, training, advertising are all much more sensitive to daily sales volume.

Thanks for the suggestion. The next product type on our list is probably going to be MOBILE phones … manufacturing and retail. This will cover CONSUMER GOODs with HIGHER VOLUME and LOWER PRICES features you guys have noted.

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