Technical bug: Cannot Ship Products

I cannot ship my products. It won’t let me ship my products because I cannot scroll down and click ship.

We are investigating. Thank you for posting.

GoVenture World is primarily designed for a desktop environment, But we are taking your report seriously.
If Possible could you provide us with the following information
Device you are Using : Tablet, Phone, Computer (Mac or PC)
Operating System and version: Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Edge Legacy, other
Screen Resolution.

Thank you.

Using an IPad and Safari.

you may need to zoom out to see the options.

Cannot Zoom out. Once did, I cannot click button

Look, In the right that is the max I can scroll down.

Is it working now?

Nope. Just checked.

Fixed. I was being stupid and the zoom inn is 100%.

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I play on my computer most of the time, but sometimes I buy stocks/bonds on my phone when I can’t get to my computer. Changing from portrait mode to landscape lets me see the whole menu on my phone.


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