Talented Industries deleted account

I had given two orders of automobiles to Talented industries. But now they have not yet dispatched them neither their name comes on the mail section. I think the company account is deleted. But still, the two invoices total g2,750,000 is showing in my liabilities section. @GVW_Admin @GoVenture Please look into this matter.

Once the Completion Date has lapsed, you can cancel the order and the accounting corrections will be made.

Ohk sir…Thanks for your help

@GVW_Admin @GoVenture
I need one more help sir. I had sent him payment against his one or two invoices but he didn’t send me the products and now his account is deleted. How can I get my money back sir??

Cancelling the order, returns the funds for products not received.

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Ohk sir. Thanks a lot

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@GVW_Admin If a player deletes/resets their account will their outstanding loans be collectable as well?