Suggestion for New Player experience/Global player spread

Do you think it’d be helpful towards newer players (both to the game and in a business-sense) to have a ‘suggested region’ feature within the tutorial phase upon creating their first operating business? While i understand GoVenture World is more-so a medium for learning then it is a game and location is (arguably) everything when doing business, is does end up having whole sections of the world be economical wastelands as it’s rather difficult to get started when you’re isolated. (-> leading to a higher concentrations of players in a smaller area.)

It might incentive existing players to take their businesses to foreign areas as well, be it through expansion or import/export.
Since importing from the U.S.A. to Europe doesn’t cost anything Import Tax wise(if i recall correctly), the waiting times are extensive.

Either that or some feature that gives each continent something exclusive that can be traded/exploited for profit, allowing more viable international trade.
Then again, i haven’t been playing for long. So take the suggestion with a grain of salt if it’s already a thing. Or if the issue is merely part of the learning process for players.*

Thank you for posting