Stuck at tutorial - Start operating business

[update]Turns out I had to activate my account through email but didn’t get a notification when it arrived. Although it would have been cool to get an ingame message telling me to check email. :slight_smile: Unfortunatelly, I celebrated way too early and I was able to see the game main screen properly after activating account, but clicking anything just sends me back to tutorial with glitched buttons. :frowning:

Hello! I’ve been able to create my account and join the game, but now I’m stuck at tutorial. Nothing happens when I click the Manufacturer and Retail and continue buttons at the start operating business page. I’ve tried both on chrome and edge with the same results. I’ve also tried to skip the tutorial somehow with no luck.

The tutorial issue should be resolved now.

It worked alright for me! Thanks!

Hey Guys,

I’m stuck in the starting tutorial as well, can you help me out?

Answer on another post regarding the same issue: