Stock sale bug and questions

I have some shares I want to sell, on the front screen it says last share sold at 110, I bought mine and when I try to put them up for sale it says have to sell between 90 and 110, How is the price going to go up?

Also, generally in the stocks when people are issuing stocks how do know how much equity the share issue represents. You can see the “market capitalisation at this price” which gives you a clue I suppose.

When a player issues shares, are they floating 100% of the equity ? If so I own 93.75% of one corporation - can I fire the chairman ?


In GoVenture World you cannot sell more than 50% of your business.

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Some answers to your questions:

omni900 is right that you cannot sell more than 50% of your business. You can issue any number of shares any number of times as long as the total shares issued do not exceed 50%. This makes sure that you retain control of your business so that no one else can fire you. If you are not happy with a company that you invested in, you should tell the player/CEO to get back to work :slight_smile:

The reason the PRICE has to be within a certain range is so that we can avoid STOCK MANIPULATION. This can happen if one person buys a stock for say g1 and then immediately tries to sell it for g100. They could have a friend buy it at g100 which would immediately increase the market price. We have plans to use more sophisticated pricing limits in the future.

The stock PRICE goes up or down when someone sells it on the SECONDARY MARKET. It has to be SOLD/PURCHASED not just posted.

The MARKET CAPITALIZATION is current market share price multiplied by number of shares issued and outstanding.

You can determine EQUITY by reviewing the FINANCIAL STATEMENTS of the holding company by visiting its website. When considering buying shares, you should always research the financial health of the company to determine if the price is good or not. You can also message the player to ask if they have a plan to grow their business. This is what happens in the real world of finance.

But that is the point, the price was 110, the max I could post it was at 110, which is 10% higher than the original price, I couldn’t post it at higher than the current market rate. How can somebody buy it for a higher price than I am allowed to post it at. I haven’t seen anywhere where I can offer a price for a share owned by someone else.

You are right, that there is problem with the MAX and MIN price settings. It’s on our bug list.