STATION Cost Increase and Mini Game Changes

We made these updates today (July 11, 2017):

(1) The retail MINI GAME had a bug that allowed you to play it more than it should have. Now fixed.

(2) The retail MINI GAME was setting a Selling Price that was not providing enough profit margin, and sometimes losses, so we upped the price a fair bit. Our goal here is to set a price that provides a small profit. We do not want to allow excessive profit. And if you are paying too much for your cars, you may make no profit or even lose money on the sales (this helps prevent an exploit where a manufacturer sells a retailer a product at an unreasonably low price).

(3) We INCREASED the cost of all STATIONS in both Manufacturing and Retail businesses. Manufacturing stations setup costs are now g300,000 to g500,000 each (depending on country). Retail stations are g87,500 to g350,000 each (depending on country). Per unit and daily costs have increased too.

If you have already purchased a station, you will not lose that station and you will not have to pay any more SETUP costs. Since you already purchased the station, it’s yours. You are one of the lucky ones who saved some money (think of it as an early customer discount)! But the new SETUP costs will apply to any NEW stations you try to purchase. The new PER UNIT and DAILY COSTS will apply to any new stations you have on, regardless of when you purchased them, so these costs are going up for everyone.

FYI, we had planned to change these costs during the RESET, but there was a glitch and they did not get updated, so that is why we had to do them now. We increased the costs because we found that profits were too high in the last round of gameplay and when profits are too easy, it makes the game less engaging. We also wanted to create a wider differentiation of products in the game. When station costs are low and profits are high, everyone ends up turning on all the stations and thereby greatly reduces variety in products and this ends up diminishing the economics of the gameplay in all sorts of ways.

I’m sure we may have to continue to tweak these numbers to find the best gameplay balance, but normally we like to do these things at time of RESET instead of in the middle of gameplay.

Lucky me! :smile:

Got them all cheap. Well, the manufacture one… time to struggle with retail.

I was trying to understand why my sales were so poor when they should not have been and I saw in the product competitive report that I and other returning players showed only 40% 10%?? for our station setup in the report. then I looked at my costs and the daily costs were too low even though all my stations were ticked.

Experimenting I unticked the signage stations and when I tried to re switch them on I’m told I have to pay 202,000 for each one. seriously bad - I’m nearly broke from low sales, with cars coming in that will overstock me and now my signage is gone sales will be even harder

please look into and fix asap

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I’m pretty sure there’s another bug that maybe has something to do with the efficiency of manufacturers. I finally saved enough to buy the last efficiency and I have all stations switched on. Trying to understand why when in full production I’m still falling behind the 2 in front of me despite doing the mfr mini game with no errors, I have timed my last 2 productions orders.

Where I should have produced 28 cars in 8 hours (4 game days) I had only produced 24 cars in the 8 hours - missing the advantage on one efficiency?? I’m guessing this has been tested??

I’ll test the next one again to see if it’s similar or is there something I’m missing?

Edit: Next test result. Placed a production order for 42 cars which should have been completed in 12 hours. At nearly 13 hours now I have produced 33 cars. Something is wrong here. Perhaps a handicap system for previously big producers??

You are correct and this was tested. We will investigate and see what could be causing this behaviour.

If you have bought a station you will not be recharged for it. We are looking at this now.

GLOBAL: We discovered that this is a TEXT MESSAGE error only, you will not be charged SETUP again when the station is turned OFF and ON.

Thanks very much. that’s a relief