Space drones businesses are very overpowered

As everyone knows space drones businesses are the most profitable businesses in GVW . They are so overpowered that I earned g40,259,102,150 in less than a month from my space drones businesses before the last reset. Other businesses cannot compete with the space drones business. To provide fair gameplay , I would like to request the developers of GVW to reduce the power of the space drones businesses. So that the people who don’t run space drones businesses can complete with the people who run space drones business.

Sorry to say. But I don’t agree with your point at all. The people who are earning from space drones businesses are also spending a lot of money to keep those businesses in comparison to other portfolio businesses.
We need to always have a great amount ready to keep the businesses running. Just because you are no longer willing to work on space drones business, doesn’t mean other people working hard and spending their time on it should suffer.

Thank you both for your comments on this topic, we will look at this and conduct an analysis.

I would request the developers to reduce the power of space drones businesses in next reset. So, No one will suffer.

I actually agree with both of you.

Drones were created as a bonus for high-achievers and Drones do allow big profits. We want to continue to allow that for our high achieving players.

Drones are also SUPER risky, meaning you have to spend a lot of money, you have to make good decisions and carefully manage your business otherwise you can lose everything.

But I do agree that earning 40 billion is a lot more than we would like. So, I do think we need to take a closer look at profitability to maybe allow a few billion but not 40 billion.

We will see what the numbers tell us.

Thanks for your input.

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