Space drone suggestions

so im just stating what my opinion of the space drones are as of its current standing

start up costs and costs to upgrade: theyre fine keep them where theyre at

costs to produce per drone: reduce it to maybe 500k to 1mil to make a 100/100 drone this way they still feel more “elite” but the costs go down to produce

retail price: reduce reduce reduce and heres why, when i sold a shipment of my first 50 drones to retailer i was paid close to 250m IN JUST THAT SHIPMENT. in one shipment. not 10 not 5 not 2… 1. and i think just like that i made back my money spent on buying a drone mfg. now what do i think is a good retail price maybe 4 or 5 mil a drone basically so they can be bought for 2 mil from an mfg and sell them for 4 or 5 mil (also im still refering to 100/100 drones)

other than that, the mfg amount, time per drone with max efficiency, and being able to sell 3 or 4 drones 1 gt day at a retailer fine

if anyone else has some experiences feel free to share since more input would only make it better

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Great discussion, thanks for starting it! This is exactly the type of feedback we need for Drones. We launched Drones a couple of weeks before the RESET so we could have live testing of the numbers and modify them for the next RESET.

Hopefully other players will also share their thoughts too.

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I was the one that bought those Drones from Cleveland. I turned around and sold all 50 for 10mil each on my US retailer Ajax Drones at 4 a day. Nice profit, hehe!

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