Smartphone retail is not working

My smartphone retail is not working. The products are not being sold, I have tried to bring down the prices also but it was selling properly on the higher prices. My stock is stuck on 10,000 units since 4 gt days.

Lower the prices a LOT to see if you start making sales. If you do, it’s because your have lower quality/features inventory that needs a low price to sell.

But the same quality products were selling at the higher prices but still i have lowered the prices. Will see and if it works then great but if not then help me

What commonly happens is that a retail business will have a mix of higher quality and lower quality products. Your higher quality products will sell first, but then when they run out, your sales may stop if your price is too high compared to the lower quality products that you have remaining in inventory.

Players get confused because they see that they have inventory and they were selling previously but all of a sudden sales stop. Lower quality inventory requires a much lower selling price so you may have to lower price a lot to see sales happen again. You can also check your mix of inventory in the inventory report.

Thanks i guess that was the issue, I shouldn’t mix the products.

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