Smart Phone Freeze Upon Action

My iphone 6s will freeze on multiple actions, any action in regards to accepting something through mail (contract, issue loans, etc) will freeze the screen and will indefinitely load.

My smart phone is an older version of software which may affect the game play however seeing as I don’t have another spare phone to test it and I don’t want to update my current, I am unsure as to whether this bug spreads to other users.

Regards TeeJay

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No idea what dev team will answer. But here is what i think.

You are probably using jailbreak if you don’t want to update your phone.

I devellop a cross plateform webapp. Cost are too important for a small team to handle out of date browsers. When you use iphone or mac, softwares like safari are only updated when you update your operating system. If you keep an out of date operating system you will have issues on recent website or webapp.


Yea that’s what I thought it might be, I wasn’t sure so I was just going to mention it in case someone else hadn’t flagged it,
Although I didn’t think it would be a concern to an updated version.

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Currently the best browser for performance and features (i mean quantity of standards implemented) is chrome.

There is always less features in mobile browsers. New features always arrive in PC browsers first. Moreover some editor (apple mainly) doesn’t want to implement some feature on smartphone browser for commercial reasons. So it’s possible you still have issues on uptodate smartphone browser.

But the first thing to do is to update your operating system.

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Thorien is correct that CHROME is best right now. Our development team all uses CHROME by default. Because the game is so complex, we focused on getting the DESKTOP (Windows/Mac) version working best first before we can spend too much time on smartphones and tablets.

But, last time I checked most features seemed to be working ok on an iPhone 6 with iOS 9 (Safari and Chrome). The MAP may be clumsy as are some other features, but I think the basic features are there. But, I can’t say for sure as we are not yet ready to support mobile until we get desktop more solid.

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Moreover before focusing on mobiles, an important step is to make the webapp responsive. Otherwise, user experience would be bad.