Should have 100% 100%

I have edited out my earlier comment because i just realized i was mistaken

Nevertheless, I’ve been on full stations for quite a while now and still sitting on 98/98 in USA which I have been for more than a week. Meanwhile I’ve watch others go from 95/95 gradually up to 100/100.
(In China I’m on 100/100 and moved there pretty quickly after buying last stations)

It’s clearly not straight averaging so can we once again check the calcs and make sure this stat is behaving as it should…

@Fireyscorp, This will happen if you still have cars in inventory that were produced at a lesser quality. To reach a true rating as your stations would provide, you will need to start mfg with zero inventory, or continue and eventually the ratings of 100/100 will catch up.

Yes i understand that it fluctuates alot but 45 in comparison to 100 is a big difference.

Hmm? We will look into this.

Could you elaborate more on this please?

I think it is mostly to due with your inventory on hand. The features and quality are an average of all stock and therefore does not jump directly to 100/100 when you make the change; especially is you have a large amount of stock on hand.

This section and display are undergoing a large overhaul right now which will revisit the way Feature/Quality are calculated. Please stand by.

JOBSONS, can you tell us what edit you made about being mistaken above. We are not sure which issue you are saying seems to be ok and which seems to be a problem?

Well my Rnd is at 45% when i have bought all the stations. But i am paying for 100% Rnd so i was confused on why i still have 45. Even if i still have some low quality cars left it shouldnt be that many to the point where i have 45% i get at least 25-50 cars order on that one so i would assume that it shouldve been washed out by now.

I think you have to assume it works on LIFO, so if you have any low RND stock left it will continue to average low. I made a concerted effort to make sure all stock was cleared and then I got to 100/100. It should do the same for you. Try tipping them all onto the open market and see what changes then…

@Fireyscorp, that is how it is done. Took me a while to get rid of old inventory to jump to 100/100

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