Shipping Time To Be Reduced

Shipping Time will be reduced on Monday, March 13, 2017.

Shipping time was calculated as follows: 5 days GT (10 hours RT) plus distance the shipment has to travel. The travel distance works out to about 500 km per day GT (2 hours RT).

The 5 days base time was intended to reflect the time needed to process, prepare, and pack an order of multiple cars for shipment. We felt this was realistic. But, it seems this is slowing down the gameplay too much with players waiting too long for their shipments.

This is particularly true because players have to log in to receive their orders and then go ship them, so it may take a player many hours or a day or longer before they log in to see a new order, and this creates a delay that we can say is similar to the 5 day base delay. So, we are going to reduce the 5 days GT to 1 day GT. This will reduce all shipping times by 8 hours RT.

So the new shipping time will be 1 day GT (2 hours RT) plus distance the shipment has to travel (based on 500 km per day GT).

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