Shipping is not working

Puirchased 2 times from open market. g Money is deducted but shipment is not received.

The shipping time is no longer instant. You will probably have to wait 12 hours RT. Maybe more or maybe less depending on distance.

The FIRST shipment you make in the game is instant … this is by design to help new players get playing quickly. After that, all shipments follow real-world delivery times.

How much time the shipping takes to deliver. There is an invoice MA-1292-3 dated 23-8-2019. The product is not yet received.

Thank you for your report,

We have investigated this and found that all purchases on the open market 2 weeks ago were shipped. However, we discovered this order MA-1292-3 placed on Aug 23 was missing a shipping instruction and we have addressed this for you, All other purchases made before and after this have shipped in the time required by the distance your purchases need to travel.