Shipping, can't go higher than 0

In shipping, I see people can do 0g per unit for pharma.

I can’t even put 0. When save the price, it gives me this error.

There is a display issue in the shipping options report, as there are no players with a 0g per unit price.

As to the error message, the top line should indicate the the price is too low not too high.


Thanks for letting me know!!

Also, when doing a mail campaign. You do the reciepents but then it wont’ allow me to add a new message. thn I refresh page and it is gone. I have to pay extra.

So is that a bug? the error I mean

We will look into that.

Do you have the same issue on your end on Chrome?

This seems to be broken as wel. It is displaying my price wrong. It is just 0.09g not that I never put teh one.
ALso, when trying to change price, it keeps changing. I need to paste the number to work. Please check th ebugs in transport please. THnak you