Shipment stuck in transit, no money to buy new stock, game over

So i have been waiting like two days real time for my shipment, it still have not come and i’m broke so i can’t order new shipment, the current shipment has been in transit for too long, and i have not money. Please help

@Tay_Tay, Is the order via Open Market or Direct sales?

OM sales will cancel in 4 days RT days
DS cancellation is based on the setting made on the offer to sell/buy.

Also, check the shipping time by viewing “Orders & Shipping” and selecting the orange arrow.

It was a Direct sale, and is stuck in the transit stage

If you open the reports from the phone and look at the Vendor’s Report, you can see how long the shipping should take from your vendor.

If you expand the PO line for that order on your retailer’s screen, you can see how many game days are left. When we checked this morning, it said there were ~15 game days left before shipping.

It Just says Pending, on the order

The number in the [ ] is the Days GT it takes to ship. In this case, 3 days GT.


It’s been more than it say it should have been, it says 15 but it been that since it shipped over 30 days ago

OK, we will look closer into this.

Looking at your PO table, it should be showing us in the next day or so Game Time (Y4 D257).


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