Sharemarket Listings


(1) We will look into the tedx shares. The limit on shares is that an HC cannot have more than 50% of its shares held by other players. So, it is possible for a player to issue shares, cancel shares, issue more shares, and repeat this process as many times as they want, as long as they don’t exceed the 50% limit. Example:

Shares at start: 1,000,000
New Shares Issue: 800,000
Total Shares Outstanding: 1,800,000
Based on the above, the player can issue another 200,000 shares.

But, if they buy back and cancel 300,000 shares …
Total Shares Outstanding = 1,800,000 - 300,000 = 1,500,000
Based on the above, the player can issue another 500,000 shares.

(2) Leaderboard for Bond portfolio value, Stock portfolio value, and Combined Portfolio Value is a great idea and we will do that.

(3) This STOCK Portfolio table on the Boardroom is pretty well what you are describing isn’t it?


Oh yes - it is very close. Maybe if the g was in thousands the column width would be closer to doing the job or give it more width to cope with billions and then put a total on it… It’s the total of value and gain / loss I’m looking for…

If you add tedx shares they come to around 2.2 million and I think the issue is that a buyback isn’t cancelling shares, it’s adding to the player holding so in that case I can issue 500k shares, buy them all back and then I’m all set to issue 1.45 million more ??


The next time Fireyscorp accuses me of being someone else or having multiple accounts i’m suing him for defamation. Since the last reset i’ve played legally and quite well. I’ve gained and maintained my spot at the top. Stop trying to take that away from me. Where i come from we call that “Badmind”. This needs to end here.


Whoa there Byfield!! You’ll note that was from last round and there is no doubt that last round you were playing in the same group as Jobson / tedx / phoneix exploiting the system - and it was about exploiting so much that it broke the game causing the last reset. I think it would be hard to sue in game for something that doesn’t relate to this round and I’ve also had no argument against either tedx or you since then.

I thought we had been very good business partners and certainly have been happy to do business with you all this round!


I thought you were accusing me of cheating this round. I agree we’ve been doing great business. And i could sue you, the game and the website are owned and run by the same entity/ entities. Same soil.


You are right that TOTALS are needed here for three columns (Purchase Price, Market Value, Capital Gain).

We should also consider adding a DIVISOR for when numbers get big.

Regarding TEDX shares …we are still confirming this, but it may be that you are looking at the STOCK DETAILS which lists all current and past shareholders. This may include shares that were later cancelled, so if you were to add up all the shares in that window, it might appear to exceed the 50% limit, even though it may have not because of the cancelled shares. If we determine that this is what is happening, we will consider adding a note about the number of shares cancelled so everything properly balances.


Hopefully this heated discussion about lawsuits is all in good fun :slight_smile:
… but in case it helps to know, here is what our USER GUIDE says about lawsuits:

Players can sue other players for any reason whatsoever. However, frivolous lawsuits, which lack legal merit and have little chance of being won, should be avoided because it will cost both players money, and the player filing the lawsuit (the plaintiff) could be countersued by the defendant for legal fees, court costs, and abuse of process.



I hope so. I’m not a fan of spreading the USA culture of suing and countersuing over trivial matters around the world any faster than it needs to…

I can confirm that buying back shares does NOT cancel them (or at least buying them back from the primary market doesn’t cancel them) Buying back bonds does cancel them.

This may have been introduced this round or maybe no-one tried to buy back off a float last round…