Secondary market

I am confused about the secondary market. when i go to secondary market and try to sell shares it provides a price very close to my average selling price and not the bid price on the prior page. i thought the sell would be the current bid price being sold on the page listing all stock.

We have added a “Market Maker” so you sell to the MM and get your funds right away.

  • If the owner of the shares (the shareholder) wants to sell shares, this can be done by selling them on the SECONDARY Market. An automated GoVenture World Market Maker is ready to trade shares immediately.
  • The Market Maker will buy shares at the BID price.
  • The Market Maker will sell shares at the ASK price, if shares are available.
  • Money used to buy and sell shares on the SECONDARY Market transfers to the buyers and sellers, not to the Holding Company or Investment Bank that issued the stock. The Brokerage Fee is paid to GoVenture World.

@GVW_Admin I believe i understand the documentation but i dont think it is working that way. I have attached two print screens showing the bid/ask price of a stock i own. I then go to secondary market to sell the stock and it show a price much lower then bid/ask.

This has been corrected. Thank you for posting.