Search Engine Bug

None of my search engines work. The only one i noticed started working is for the bank. When i type anything in the search engines it says “no business concerning search term”. This is a huge delay in my business’ progress since the reset. I was waiting to see if no one started doing pharma when i couldnt find any manu’s then i figured out that i couldnt search for anything. Cant send a direct offer. Please fix this !

Thank you for reporting this issue.
In order to diagnose this issue, can you provide us with the following information
1)What browser are you using and if possible the version
2) are you using in private/ incognito modes etc

Thank you

The search function should be working correctly now.

Someone reported that searching for a bank is showing all businesses … perhaps not filtering?

FROM Musashi

@Evil Update: I did manage to find the bank in the list after copying it to a text file and searching manually. However, when I put “goventure” in the search bar to try to find bank within the list of all companies in the bank selection modal, it says “no businesses containing search term” so I at first assumed it wasn’t in there

I am using Google Chrome. Sometimes I use Internet Explorer. Normal mode, no incognito or vpn. Its the same result. The bug is still active for me, I still cant search for a business to send an offer to. The only thing I can search for is the banks, nothing comes up when i search for anything else.

The Business Search box should be working now, the developers fixed the search parameters further.

Still not working… I have a pharma retailer and when i search for a company to make a direct sale it doesnt show me any companies. Its like im the only player.

The developer who fixed the issue, did so from a site with no access to the server’s cache. So it may take for the fix to propagate.

Still not working …

We are sorry to hear that, out testing shows that is is now working,

If possible, can you see if flushing your cache helps? in Chrome it is under settings > clear browser data.

Ill try this. I also cant start a new ad agency. I have all the requirements. I can choose what business i want to start but the start business button is gray.

I did this. Still does not work and its pissing me off. I cant send an offer and I cant even send an email. Now its just blank when i try to search. The funny thing is i can search in the business directory. What is sabotaging my business ?

This is really killing gameplay developers. Please help

This should be corrected now.

I just tested it. It’s still not working man. I only have an ad agency at the moment so I tried contacting a bank, the same thing happened. Nothing comes up in the search engine. I’m gonna logout and back in and retry

I re-logged in and i still cant do anything. I tried sending an email and I tried contacting a bank again. Still cant see anything appearing. Its just blank.

Could you please sign out, flush your cache, and log back in and try again please.

I’m gonna try this right now

It still does not work. I also noticed that i’m not the only one with the problem. One of my customers told me that I dont appear in the search engine when they search for ad agencies which means my business is inactive and thats my only business. Thank you for your efforts but Im losing from this by the second. I cant do any business while this bug is active. Also, I tried issuing bonds today and the search engine worked but if i try to issue stock or loan application it still doesnt work. If i try to issue bonds again nothing appears in the search anymore either. This is really frustrating so can you guys help me please. !!! I cannot make any business moves until its fixed. I hope i can get some sort of reimbursement for all the deals i’m missing.