Sales drop, and activity of retail business

Since I receive word from Goventure email on the subject about Retailers, since retail sales are not showing. I believe it is also affecting the volume of sales, as activity levels and my revenue has been fluctuating as usual despite pricing and brand of inventory are stable before the announcement and my inventory became slight stagnant…

Is this is an issue of a bug, or is it my own problem of my retail store in China.

i have the same problem. no sales or cars sold since year 3 day 197 gt (2017-9-21 rt). and my sales and inventory have not changed since.

Yeah, are your stores located in China or U.S @AACN?

I’m having the same problem. I’m located in U.S. @GVW_Admin Thinks this is a bug. One top of this, the income statement for the phone is stuck on y3 d201

Yes I’m located in US.

well I’m located all over and it’s affecting all my stores. it looks like a bug that was introduced in trying to change the way stock wasn’t adjusted in the mini game.

Just undo all the changes made in trying to fix a retail game that wasn’t broken and life should be peachy again. or if it’s also intentional then please explain what the new thinking is to your customers

Hi guys … sorry to hear about the sales drop … very likely a bug. Unlikely to be related to the Automotive Dealer Game changes. We will get on this, but I think it may take us a day to hunt down and fix.

Please note that we would never intentionally implement a significant change to the economy without informing our players in advance.

Just an update that we have identified the problem but we are still trying to figure out the cause.

Problem fixed! We had made some performance adjustments to the system and a certain condition in live play triggered a bug. The economy/sales should be back to normal (Monday morning eastern time).

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