Revenues or profit instead of mini games

Maybe if there will be reset, it could be made so that certain revenues or profits grant you bxp instead of mini games, with many businesses it really becomes a chores.

Edit: or days that you have logged in.

Edit2: then instead of coming up with, and programming, new minigames for new businesses you would have more time for some other stuff for the game :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion. We probably won’t have minigames for the new businesses when they are first launched, because they take a lot of effort to build (as you have noted).

The game already rewards players for logging in and doing things every day (but not just logging in).

Since we first launched the game, it has surprised us that many players are so focused on bxp and do a lot of grinding to get it. We don’t want to have players feel like they have to do a lot of grinding - we would rather you do more interesting stuff in the game. So this is something we want to improve overall, but it’s going to take us some time (we are a small team).

We are chasing bxp because it allows for more businesses.

Perhaps you could remove that part and allow people to start as many business as they wish without it becoming a chore, and award cash rewards for accumulated bxp (without mini games), like for 1k bxp 1 million, for 5k 2 million etc. Just an idea

Interesting. So you think it is primarily for starting new businesses faster that players grind for bxp?

Let’s say we removed the bxp requirement for starting a new business. You still need a certain level of cash to start another business, so that would slow you down too, would it not? Or do players have cash much faster than they have bxp?

Do you think players play the minigames a lot because of the bxp or because they want to sell more to generate more cash faster?

We designed the game to be played slowly (over weeks and months), but we have discovered many players are much more dedicated to the game and want to do more and faster. So, this has us trying to figure out the exact motivation of these players so we can design new features to make the game better for them. This the reason for my questions and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts as it is helpful to us.

I dont know for others, but I played mini games only to generate bxp for new businesses. Requiring cash for new businesses is natural thing, like in any business/management simulation. But having to play mini games to open new business can become very chores like especially when you get to own 6-7 businesses and then you need to accumulate bxp for another business. That time would be much better spend on actually dedicating time to run those businesses, or if stock exchange gets going (with buy orders, or orderbooks) to analyze another businesses and spend time on making quality management decisions.

But thats just me, hopefully other players share their thoughts too.

Edit: I would drop bxp for new businesses immediatelly.

There are many activities in the game that reward BXP (Challenges, Viewing Financial Reports, Chatting, etc.). Did you do many of these other activities?

Or is it that you find that everything else is too slow to gain BXP in comparison to playing the minigames?

I did all of that, constantly. But soon you run out of those rookie activities with only 10k bxp and you are left only with mini games since financials, buying selling stocks-bonds etc can make you only around 500 a day. With 6 business or more you get additional 500 from mini games. Players that do minigames and all activities each day are in big advantage then someone who doesnt do them because more businesses means more profit.

I would do most of the bxp chasing early on but then not bother once I have a few operating businesses. the one exception is the manufacturing mini game for my maker because it adds more than 10% to your daily production.

I equate it to the manager rolling up his sleeves and helping out when an order needs to be filled.

Interesting. So you think it is primarily for starting new businesses faster that players grind for bxp? U made a competition by making a ranking system, the more business, the more money u make, the higher on the ranking system ofcourse people grind for bxp,

Make a better system allow people to open more business after a certain kinda income or equity u made, instead of a bxp grind… ( opening as much as u want at the start wont satisfy people… u need something work to… )

Just my 2 cents

I agree with Callaars.

Great discussion guys … we agree with you and are going to make the following changes for the upcoming reset:

  1. Reduce the BXP required to start multiple businesses. We don’t know the exact numbers yet, but may cut it in half.

  2. Increase the cost of starting a new business.

The result of the above means you will need to have more CASH to start new businesses, but less BXP. So the grind moves from getting BXP to getting CASH.

We are not ready to eliminate the BXP requirement altogether, but will evaluate everything in the future as the gameplay develops.

Thanks for helping us improve GoVenture World!

That sounds like very good idea.

Remove the minigames then, if u keep the bxp,

Why remove the minigames?

With time minigames become grind, its for sure good for them to be lowered but even better to be removed and pure business is left.

I would rather focus on developing stock exchange (with order books) as in this game (like in any other tycoon game) players come to point where they become mostly investors as their businesses become developed.

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The whole grind thing become a thing doing the retail minigames, ( we can not open multiple tabs to do multiple retailers so if i am doing mine i am constantly busy (around 1 hour to complete in 1 row to complete them…)

If it was possible to open multiple tabs i could do it a lot faster, u gain much bxp doing those games, so its a must to do them to become a top player int his game…

I lost my first spot in the list because i just hate that endless grind… each day…

U said that those minigames,was not the idea to be played that much… but you are forcing players to do so because we need bxp to gain more spots for another company.

To have ability to open mini games in multiple windows would really be great.

Thanks guys, but we do not want to disable the minigames. We think they provide value for the game.

We also will not be allowing multiple tabs. We do not want to encourage grinding. Plus, it requires a fair bit of technical work for us to do this and this time is better focused elsewhere in the game.

Just to add to the feedback on mini games… As the self confessed drone of mini games, I don’t bother with the retail one as it’s too slow and doesn’t actually move cars in a slow market. If the manufacturing mini game didn’t make cars and so add to my production, as efficient as it is I would play it a lot less. I would push hard on bxp until business 5 and then let it come more slowly.

Since we are going to keep the minigames, and since we have reduced the BXP required to start a new business, what else can we do to reduce the motivation to grind with the minigames?

Firey says he doesn’t play the Retail one since it is not as beneficial. With the MFG one, should we reduce the number of cars that can be manufactured, so that it’s still fun to play every once and a while by newer players, but not so rewarding to motivate the power players from grinding?