Retail Mini Games Add-on Glitch

Adding sales rep cost 200k each? I literally just lost 200k adding on person

Yes, these were adjustments that were to be in since the reset but just went in this morning. When you roll over the sales person you get a notice of cost and then again get a yes/no notice when you click before it charges you.

Much like the Manufacturer, the large cost is a one time thing followed smaller ongoing costs. You will not be charged the g200,000 again unless you activate another sales person.

I see. This is all apart of the master plan. So there will no longer be the 28k per item like before. Got it. I must tip my hat to the Admins this round, you guys really stumped us and slowed down the pace of things. lol . Great Job.


Dont worry PB. Manufactures are feeling the pain too. 300k for a station.

Can we make it clear please… Is that 200k for a salesperson in the daily mini game or in the general running your business set up???
If in retail sales mini game then that’s insane and would stop the mini game dead

Im pretty sure thats for the saleperson. Yes it can look confusing. But you have to remember in the game it says hire and it doesn’t have the signage like in the pic.

200k per reg sales rep and 200k per item of advertisment

@PB_Corp @Jobsons @Fireyscorp. The 200K figures mentioned here are related to the costs to unlock(buy) for your HoldCo’s business and the mini game uses a different set of metrics altogether.

FYI, there are some other minigame bugs discovered that we have been fixing too. But the g200,000 SETUP cost is for the main game as the minigame does not have setup costs.

Third day now the retail game has taken back its bxp points. I only play once a day and to be exact it awarded 88 points during the 5 rounds and at the end it took back 72. at least the cars stay sold and the money comes in.

added comment - second retailer played the mini game there and all 88 points taken away again. hope it’s not just me - it’s hard enough to get bxp

i can confirm this glitch is happening. im not sure of how many days this has been happening to me but i did loss the bxp i gained from all 3 of my businesses

88 x 3 = 264 bxp now missing .