Retail Mini Game BXP reward Bug

I wasnt sure if this has gone unnoticed.

When completing the mini games there seems to be a bug that does not allow the BXP to be rewarded. It will add the bxp and immediately subtract the same amount rewarded. This has been ongoing for about a week now. I currently have 2 retails units and this is a tremendous setback because of losing bxp each day.

Can someone pls look into this, thanks.

@PB_Corp, we have seen this and are working on this bug. Please do know that no bxp is subtracted.

Absolutely 100% just watched the bxp get added and taken away again just now (after reset tonight)

We have found more issues and we are working on it. Thank you for this @Global_Inc

Just to add to the mix and clearly in the interest of fairness all around, the manufacturing game is taking back the bxp it gives out as well

@Fireyscorp, it is connected. Thanks for the input.

Retail game is fixed thanks. not sure about manufacturing