Remove shutdown banks from possible banks to back loans, bonds, and stocks

the title says it all, If shut down banks could please be removed from possible banks to sign for loans, stocks, and bonds (abbreviated to LSB from now on) that would be awesome. its a little annoying when i have people apply for stuff to my bank when its shut down and will probably not be reopened until the next reset or if im in a generous mood again. plus im sure this is a tad annoying for others who are tying to get a LSB approved from a bank but its shut down.

thanks for the consideration,
Cleveland Industries

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That should not be happening at all. The Dev Team will look at this. Thank you for posting this.


thanks for the quick reply

idk what it is with my luck and finding bugs

i just received another bonds request despite my bank still being shut down. can you confirm that my bank is reading shutdown because on my end it is.


2 or 3 more requests to my shut down bank. im not trying to be pushy just saying its still an issue

Thank you for reporting this, we realize it can be an inconvenience.
If your bank shows shut down then it is shut down and should not be showing in the selector.
We will fix that soon

The Issue has been resolved. You should no longer get applications until you reopen your business.

ok ill mark an update here if i still get some. other than that thank you for fixing this. it saves frustration of people trying to get financial aid and people who are no longer in the bank business

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