Questions about map

I would like to know if “Market Demand for Automobiles” is annual

I would like to know what “GDP” means


COUNTRY market numbers are generally YEARLY numbers GT.

GDP means Gross Domestic Product and is a good measure/comparison of the economic strength of a country. WIKIPEDIA:

GDP => I didn’t know the english word for that. Sorry. Next time i google it.

Regarding the market demands. If exceeded nothing more wiill be sell until next year ?

No need to be sorry, we are happy for your question because it helps us see that we need to help explain some of the terms in the game.

The market demand is averaged over the entire year GT. So, it won’t be like the entire market will be sold within a few months GT … it will still take the entire year. And, note that the market demand INCREASES as new operating companies appear in those countries.

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