Quality calculations on mixed stock


This attachment may explain this a little better. The Dev team will correct the view/information displayed when there is no inventory. Please let us know if this addresses you concerns. And thank you for your post and comments.


ill be honest with you, im not sure if this addresses my concern, i think it does though. Correct me if im wrong but, when you sell product the rating is based on your historic record of production quality. this rating is then based on all items of your inventory and on open market grouped together. (number 2)

Now if i have no inventory on hand nor in open market and am only producing 100/100 my historic rating then should be 100/100 and as you said it is simply just a display issue which is causing me grief?

on a side note does shutting a business down erase the company or is it simply like turning off a quality feature in which you can get it back (hence the storage cost and “turn back on” fee)


If you begin production now with no inventory, you should see your inventory rating reflect your activated stations, in your case, 100/100%

Re: shutting a business; Closing this business will incur a small ongoing expense of (g cost is based on your operating location) per year for maintaining the property. You may reopen this business at any time for a fee of g250,000.


Nope still showing 71/71


I welcome the change to handling on market stock! Thanks

I think there’s an interesting point in that retail inventory is already kept in separate batches as per the retail inventory report. The display may show average but the stock is kept firmly in buckets and studying that report will give you the answers of why you aren’t selling as you expect. Surely it wouldn’t be a big stretch to do the same as a manufacturer.

But that’s just a point. I think the fix you are bringing is going to remove an awful lot of confusion and probably also fix the bug we’ve been complaining about. I understand what Cleveland is struggling with but I don’t think it will be an issue after taking out on market stock.


We just checked all your manufacturers and they are now all showing 100/100 values.


if possible could you post a screen shot on your end of my quality values because its still not 100/100 on both of my auto mfgs from what im seeing auto 1 is 97% and auto 2 is 98 or 99% i believe.


And yet there is another issue, but now on my part of the game, my mfg is making 100/100, cleared my whole stock before i started to make them… it seems that even after selling my whole stock (and close my company for almost 15 hours to to get my sales on the open market) it still drops 100/87 phones in my inventory,

this will cost me customers if u do not fix this.


We are investigating this further, and are looking at a change that should address these consistent inconsistent behaviours.

Callaars, when you say close your company, you do mean close the management screen and not shut is down, I assume.


We have rolled out the change to the way these values are determined.
One part of the change includes removing open market inventory from the averaging and we have also switched to a method of deriving these scores which should be more consistent with expectations.

One warning, if you remove inventory from the open market, they will then have an impact on your quality and feature values.