Quality calculations on mixed stock

I have 23 cars stuck in limbo, unable to ship as the customer doesn’t have the funds to pay for them. They were the last of my 0/0. Since then I have produced over 100 cars at 20/20 but the calculation keeps averaging everything down to 6/6.
I know that the game does quality as LIFO but even so, the calculation when I have 50 cars in stock that were produced as 20/20 and those 23 stuck at 0/0 should show an average of 13/13 and rising as I produce more 20/20 cars. And why not FIFO or average out - I haven;t seen a real business operate as LIFO in my too many years of managing businesses (I also object to the inclusion of sold cars into the calculation at all but that’s a different argument)

The effect of this is that even though I’m paying to produce 20/20 cars I’m stuck for 4 days at getting 6/6 because a player decided to buy 200 cars when they could only afford 10.

This is one of the reason i just make or buy 100/100 or deal with 0/0 cars,
To much hassle

The feature and quality ratings of your NEW products is based on an average of ALL of the inventory you have on hand at this exact moment. On hand means at your mfg business and excludes anything that has shipped to retailers or reserved on the Open Market (the latter I’m not 100% sure yet). LIFO or FIFO does not apply.

OK - then this is clearly flawed logic.
If I have one car at 0/0 and up all my facilities to 100/100 then every car I produce will be at 50/50???
Surely on the most basic logic I would have 2 cars at an average of 50/50 but once I produce 10 cars I would have 11 cars at an average around 90/90…

It would be wrong to have paid to produce top quality cars and actually produce top quality cars…

No, I think your numbers are off there.

First, the average is based on one MFG business not any other businesses. And it is only based on the inventory that is on hand right now (including OPEN MARKET). Historical inventory has no effect.

If you have some low quality cars in inventory and produce new high quality cars, then as you produce more cars, your quality will continue to increase since the few low quality cars will have a decreasing effect on the average quality of the entire inventory grows to have more high quality cars.

if you want the low quality cars to stop dragging your quality down, then just sell them to a retailer … sell alll your on hand inventory to make sure they all get cleared out.

That’s the way it should work, but if you are seeing data to suggest otherwise, then we would have to look into that.

i am seeing data say otherwise.

For both my cars and pharma mfg ive cleared out my old inventory and yet have lower rating. for example, recently i sold all my 0/0 pills and then went to making 100/100 after the old stock sold. i then posted 1 pill of my new batch on the open market to be sure 100/100 showed yet 59/59 showed instead. i thought the game just hadnt caught up to me making 100/100 pills so i tried again today and it still shows 59/59 despite me constantly producing 100/100 pills and not having any lower quality inventory.

This is good to know, thanks. Could be a bug with manufacturing or could be a simple display issue. We will look into it.

Correction made to my post above … the OPEN MARKET inventory DOES affect your features and quality score.

I think in Cleveland’s case he still has stock on open market that is dragging down his new stock.

But also I don’t think you understand my point. I know I can get around this by making sure that all old stock is both sold and shipped to clear the way for new higher production. What I believe is happening and what I think is wrong is that if I have 1 unit in stock at 0/0 and I ramp all stations to 100/100 the the first item I produce will come into the calculation as 50/50 (not 100/100) and my new average will be 25/25. Double penalty.

Not only that - until I clear stock, the average will be stuck at 25/25. That’s certainly what seems to be happening and that’s what I would ask you to look for in the coding.

I don’t know if this is related to this topic, but I have 4 lots of stock in my drug retailer and only 4. One is 66/66, the next is 59/59 and there are 2 lots that are 40/40. The 4 lots add up to my total on hand, but the average of the 4 is showing as 20/20 in both the inventory and pricing areas. There is more on order but it’s from the same suppliers - the balance of orders that have been partially shipped.

Also the unit cost is displaying as 22 but for the higher quality I paid 75 and the rest 55

Ok so maybe my items are stuck in limbo somewhere after delisting them and therefore is dragging down my overall rating. however, i did manage to increase my rating to 69/.69 after selling all my new 100/100 production stock somehow. this problem though is really frustrating because i like to keep a promise on the quality of product i sell. That way im not screwing over my customer by over charging and cutting too deep into their profits while also not selling too low to either only break even or take a loss due to cogs.

personally i wish the players overall inventory was separated into rating categories that you could sell them individually. It makes no sense to me that when doing inventory they would all be piled into one category and just averaged mainly for organizational reasons. For example, a customer wants a set amount of 40/40 items to sell so its easier for them to price while another may want 100/100 for the higher sell price but you only have 1 mfg to supply both of them. separate amounts of items would solve this problem and implementing it i think would be simple. In the management and sales tab under inventory you could have all your types of mfg items listed to show how much of what type you have and then keep the overall average rating to show what all them grouped together would be rated as if you chose to sell them all at once.


Here’s another example that clearly demonstrates this part of the game is buggy. I bought a phone company that had 5700 phones in stock at 20/16 even though all it’s equipment was rated for 80/80. I put them all on the open market and during the day produced 2000 more phones (at 80/80) . after shipping the 5700 phone my remaining 2000 phones are still stuck at 20/16. so where is the averaging? actually I really like what Cleveland said about different qualities being different batches

Now that im thinking about it even more why not have different quality categories of inventory for both mfg and retailers when selling product either to other players or the npc customers.

For mfg you just have listed how much of each quality you have on hand. you dont need every combination listed on their screen only what kind the player personally has on hand so the screen is less cluttered. it would allow them to supply various people with different kinds of goods and price accurately when selling to players and thus make more profits.

For retail its basically the same except you have an addition box next to the amount of a certain quality on hand that would be labeled as price. This way retailers can buy various levels of good and price them all individually so they make more profit. Additionally, it would help keep supplies of retailers high and reduce the likelihood of running out of items to sell by being able to sell what ever would be available for them while simultaneously helping mfg’s sell their inventory faster.

Back to my earlier bug report on retail druggy. The average quality and average cost are not close to accurate and I have no idea where they come from. Makes it very hard to price and understand where I’m at. I have to go to retail inventory report and work it out manually each time I check


  1. Yes, if Cleveland has stock on the Open Market, it will be included in his quality calculation.

  2. Regarding your quality example, the 0/0 product will actually bump up to 50/50 so you will have two products at 50/50 not 1 at 0/0 and 1 at 50/50. No double penalty.

Retailer QUALITY is based upon all product inventory on hand and in transit because a Retailer can carry inventory from multiple manufacturers.

We purposely keep Retailers simple and not complicate them with managing different types of inventory and prices, etc. The premise of the game is that if you want to have different products and prices, then you should start another retail business. This keeps each individual business simple to manage (which is needed for players who don’t want complexity), while giving advanced players the option to do more complicated business deals by having more businesses.

Hey Everyone, two things on this discussion of FEATURES and QUALITY …

(1) We are going to make a change so that inventory reserved on the OPEN MARKET will NOT affect the Features and Quality averaging. Change to be made later this week.

(2) We are going to add the text below to the USER GUIDE to help players better understand how this all works:

Section 5.19

A group of products will maintain the same scores for Features and Quality from the point of manufacturing to retail to consumer. However, if a Manufacturing Business makes a group of products with one set of scores for Features and Quality and then makes another group of products with different scores for Features and Quality, and intermingles all of these products in the same inventory, then their Features and Quality scores will be averaged when they are posted on the Open Market or shipped to a Retail Business.

  • For example, if a Manufacturing Business has 1 product in inventory and it has 0% Features, and the another product is manufactured at 100%, then both products will be set to 50% = (100% + 0%) / 2

  • Another example: If 3 products have 100% Quality and 1 product has 0% Quality, then all 4 products will be assigned a Quality score of 75% = 300% / 4 … but this only happens if all 4 products are held in inventory at the same time by a Manufacturing Business. If the first 3 products with 100% Quality are immediately shipped before the 1 product with 0% Quality is manufactured, then the 3 products will retain their 100% Quality score with the new product will be 0%.

  • For a Manufacturing Business, the Features and Quality averages applied to products in inventory includes all products on hand in inventory, and excludes products reserved on the Open Market and products that have been shipped. Products reserved on the Open Market will not change in Features and Quality unless they are delisted from the Open Market, at which point the averaging is recalculated for those delisted products along with all products currently on hand in inventory.

  • For a Retail Business, the Features and Quality averages are applied to all products on hand in inventory as well as products that have been shipped and are currently in transit to the Retail Business.

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I more or less understand how retail quality is calculated since the idea is very similar to how quality for mfg is calculated.

im confused as to how this would be the considered too complex for new players. adding the choice to purchase and price products of various quality would be just that, a CHOICE. if you want to buy only 1 type of quality to reduce stress of figuring out what to price certain qualities at, then by all means do it. However, for those who wish to purchase various qualities and possibly dont know how to price them couldnt they just ask in chat for some advice? thats what i and a decent amount of people do when we have a problem.

As for people who have played the game for some time and understand what they can sell different quality for why not let them have the choice to do so? why do we have to open another business for a certain quality to be sold when the limiting factor for how many businesses we can own is based on BXP not actual player skill?

In all seriousness how hard would this be to implement to the game is if it ever was to be put in? also what if there was a voting page as to what players think would be a good idea to put into the game.

Thanks for your thoughts. Changes like this are significant in such a complex program like GoVenture World. Significant technically and significant in design (to make sure it works well for newbies and experienced players). Given the many other priorities on our list, I don’t suspect we will be able to consider such a change any time soon. Once we complete some of our bigger tasks, we do want to revisit management of individual businesses so that players can have the option to make more detailed management decisions, and perhaps your suggestion could be one of those things we can consider.

thank you for the consideration. anyways back to the original problem of quality calculations i took some screenshots of one of my businesses haveing calculation problems


so as you can see here from the screen shots i took yesterday i have no inventory whats so ever, not in open market, on hand, or in transit to a customer (i made sure to ask him if he could let me know when my product arrived to him). Additionally i have all my upgrades on as well, yet as the screen shot i took today shows im still not producing 100/100.

compared to the screen shots i took yesterday to the ones i took today my % of quality only increased by 1%. basically i just want to understand and try to fix whatever the problem whether it be on my side or a bug. if it is a bug ill probably either sell the company off to see if selling it would fix the problem or if its possible, completely disband the business and start fresh.

if you need more info ill give whatever i can on my end to fix this problem or if theres something im doing wrong or not doing please let me know.