QA in retail not right

I have set up a new business and took care to purchase 100%/100% stock. When the stock was shipped it is sitting in my inventory as 1% / 1% This is a bug, It was probably the case last round but nobody cared coz sales were much easier.
It could also be a build up thing but that’s not right either with the stricter rules on what level sales will happen.

Thank you Fireyscorp for this. We will look into this right away.


Just checked the records for your business and good news, Your inventory is at the levels you bought them at. This appears to be a display issue only, we will address this.

Cool thanks. If display only then I can go ahead with confidence making notes to reverse engineer your formulae / parameters :slight_smile:

I think either the display of retail unit costs is incorrect (or the calculation for setting a sell price in the retail sales game is incorrect.) My costs are showing as 49k per unit but my math shows just under 35k average. The price achieved in the game was 43750 which based on markup of 25% above cost would indicate a cost of 35000 exactly which would match the supply allocated. It’s a new business and I haven’t paid over 40k to anyone for stock.
Also - the lack of incorrect display of quality is a problem. Makes it very difficult to understand sales at a price and as that’s what you’re trying to teach people / get instilled into the game, it’s sort of critical path…

Thanks for the notice. The formula for the retail game changed recently. The text must have gotten overlooked. It is now 25% over VALUE.

Of course, this gives you an insight into the value of your cars but eliminates the definite profit of the mini game if you buy expensive stock and unload it through the minigame.

The QA notifiers have been corrected and will show properly on our next publish.

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