Purchase Order Window & Advertisement Time Slots

Purchase Order Window

I’m not sure if this is an issue with most players, but I use a laptop with 1366x768 resolution.

What happens is:

 - When I go to ship an order in the Orders & Shipping tab, under Business Management, the Purchase Order window is displayed.

 - The Purchase Order covers the screen, is non-moveable, unable to scroll, and the only way to exit is by pressing 'esc'.  (or I guess you could click off on the Finance tab or something lol... that's what I was doing for awhile)

 - The only way I'm able to view the entire Purchase Order, and the Cancel Button or Ship Button, is if I 'ctrl + mouse-wheel down-scroll' to zoom out.

Advertisement Time Slots

I’ve noticed that the Bid Calendar shows the correct Current Time-Slot, but under the My Spots tab, My Time Slots shows the time as being 5 hours ahead of the current time. The date is correct. This could be a user-defined error though, most likely from me bidding on an Ad Slot in the last minute before close. Here’s the process:

 - I would wait until the 59 minute mark, wait at most 10 seconds, then place my bid.

 - After placing my bid, I would click the small orange Marketing button above the Bid Calendar, then click Advertising Campaign.  (As a way to refresh to check no-one else bid over me).  I would do this until the turn of the new hour.

There’s 2 things that can happen when the clock turns to the new hour:

 1.)  If I do the "refresh" thru the new hour, it usually takes a little while before the Global Notifications Dialog shows that I've won the Ad Spot.  Sometimes it will even show that someone else and I both won the Ad Spot.  The e-mail seems to be delayed as well.

 2.)  If I do the "refresh" but stop maybe 10-15 seconds before the new hour, the Global Notifications Dialog shows that I've won the Ad Spot basically right away and I get the e-mail shortly after.

The Advertisement thing is not that big of an issue, my ads still run at the correct time, it’s only showing the wrong times in the My Spots tab.

The Purchase Order Window is kinda discouraging, but could easily be fixed with a scrolling bar or automatically setting the browser to a lower zoom than 100%. The lowest zoom I can use to see the buttons at the bottom of the Purchase Order is 77%. A lower zoom does kinda shift the Chat and Help buttons down on the Cell Phone though.

This is an issue that has been experienced by other players. What browser are you using

We will look into this, thank you for posting this here.

I use FireFox as my web browser. I think maybe the daylight-savings isn’t accounted for? I’m Eastern-Time zone (which usually reads as +5:00 GMT), and my Ad Spots are ahead about 5 hours. Or maybe it’s accounting for DST twice?

Not sure if that’s the issue, but the two kinda go together so might be worth investigating.