Production including efficiency not all it should be

I’m giving this its own topic rather than it being lost in another.

I’m pretty sure there’s another bug that maybe has something to do with the efficiency of manufacturers. I finally saved enough to buy the last efficiency and I have all stations switched on. Trying to understand why when in full production I’m still falling behind the 2 in front of me despite doing the mfr mini game with no errors, I have timed my last 2 productions orders.

Where I should have produced 28 cars in 8 hours (4 game days) I had only produced 24 cars in the 8 hours - missing the advantage on one efficiency?? I’m guessing this has been tested??

I’ll test the next one again to see if it’s similar or is there something I’m missing?

Edit: Next test result. Placed a production order for 42 cars which should have been completed in 12 hours. At nearly 13 hours now I have produced 33 cars. Something is wrong here. Perhaps a handicap system for previously big producers??

Today I have tested again removing a niggling suspicion that it may have been due to low funds but the answer is the same. With my set up I should be producing 7 cars per game day but I’m only achieving around 6.

Perhaps some other players can check / time their productions to try to isolate the problem…

Accurate timing test number 1
21 units = 6 hours and 45 mins or 6.22 per game day vs 7 expected
Batch 2
42 cars = 13 hours 33 mins or 6.2 per game day vs 7 expected
Batch 3
35 cars = 10 hours 56 mins or 6.4 per game day vs 7 expected
Can now include China and test through expected 4/5/6 and 7
49 cars = 16 hours 13 mins or 6.04 per game day vs 7
Plus 28 cars = 16 hours 38 mins or 3.37 per game day vs 4 expected

  • So the problem starts even before the efficiency improvements kick in

Nice data sharing Firey … we will check it out.

@Fireyscorp, thank you for this report. We are aware of this and looking into it. Thanks again.