Price Per Model


Enjoying things after the reset, but having less ridiculous profit margins is also throwing some weaknesses of the system into relief. Having a universal price for all your bought cars ignores the fact you’re very likely paying different amounts of different ratings of cars at different times. What this means is if, for example, I’m in the middle of selling an inventory of 0% cars I bought for 17,000 in the 25 or 26 thousand range, but have a set of high end cars coming that cost 30 or 35 thousand each, the moment those cars arrive my salesmen will begin selling as many as they can…at a losx, since the price is still set at 25. My customers will (naturally) prioritize the steal and I won’t sell a single low model car until all the high end ones are gone, meaning I have to constantly be watching like a hawk to ensure my salesmen aren’t selling the right cars, and only adjusting the price once my top of the line cars are clear. This is exacerbated by the fact that I can’t easily tell when cars will arrive without going back to the original order and doing my own calculations, since the business screen just has the less than useful ‘in transit’ marker. (It really needs to tell you arrival date).

We really need to be able to price different models at different prices and have them active at the same time. If you have not yet set a price for an individual shipment, it should default to being ‘held’ and not sold. This will cause some lost time due to sleeping, but better to delay some sales than to lose significant amounts because your best cars arrived at 3 in the morning and your salesmen work all night =P.

Hey Chen,

Thanks for playing and your feedback. There are a few things at work here:

  1. Yes, at the same price, a car with higher quality and features will usually sell first. This does mean that you have to set your price accordingly and when that inventory clears out, you can adjust your price. I think we have a new report coming that shows you your inventory so you can make this adjustment.

  2. We only allow one price on purpose. First, we want players to set a strategy for their retail business and then stick to that strategy. So, if you decide you want to sell mid-range cars at g35,000 then that’s the type of cars you should try to buy for your inventory. This is how business works in the real world - by defining their strategy and sticking to it. Second, if you want to define a different strategy at some point (say you wan to sell high end cars at high price), then you can clear out your inventory and start with the new type of cars and price … or you can save or raise money too start another retail business and have that business focus on a different strategy.

  3. Further to the above, we didn’t want to enable features in a single retail business that would make it more complex with different types of cars, quality, prices, etc. as that would be too complex for many players. Instead, we provide you the option of starting multiple businesses where you can do that. You can even locate your retail businesses next to each other on the map and save money.

I hope this makes sense!

That does, thank you! It’ll probably be less of a problem once there are more people and retails have the option to really specialize on a style and price. Mostly its right after the restart where you pretty much have to buy what’s available and keep your price moving as much as you,

I look forward to being able to see what brands are in my inventory, though, that should help considerably!

I agree. I have confirmed that we will be adding a report that allows you to see your inventory (type of cars, where they came from, which ones sell the best, etc.). I’m not sure when it will be live, but it’s coming.