Possible glitching

Hello, I am curious if my game is experiencing glitches. A number of things are not being displayed to me. For example, I do own stock and when I look at my portfolio to view the stocks I own it does not show them and says I do not own any.

Thanks for the help in advance.

I should clarify. When trying to view my portfolio, I am doing so when I am in the boardroom. Not when I go directly to Finance > Portfolio. Another example is challenges that are new today I have completed, but aren’t being shown that I have.

Would really appreciate any attention on this matter, because I am looking to gain bxp for a course that I am enrolled in. My concern is that I am not receiving bxp for things that I have done already and I am curious if it is because of glitches or not.

Do you own Stocks in other companies, or just Stocks that you issued?

I did, but sold them in between the time I created this post. I do have bonds and now I can see them appear. However, I am still experiencing issues with completing courses, challenges, and not being able to purchase more stocks.

Challenges may take a few minutes or maybe an hour to reward your bxp.

With Courses, you have to complete all the lessons in the course and then the GoVenture World lesson at the bottom of the course will unlock which allows you to view it and follow the steps to earn your bxp. It looks like this:

If you are not experiencing the above and having issues with purchasing stocks, please tell us exactly what you are clicking and seeing and try sharing some screenshots.

Thank you for the response. Everything appears to working better now, but if it occurs again in the near future I will provide a screenshot along with a description of my actions.