Portfolio of business says 1.68 mil in liabilities

I have paid all loans off and also shipped out all products in my invoices (I have 4 manufacturing companies and 1 bank). I checked the portfolio section in Finance where the businesses are listed and it said my company named Manufacturing has 1.68 mil in liabilities but I have shipped all products out to all retailers. Not sure why it still have liabilities listed on it.

@Lifeline_Inc, the order has been shipped but is still in transit thus the liability. You should see the change once the shipment has been recieved.

Slightly related to this…
When the market transactions were changed to go through the invoices system, all the ones prior to the change were marked as no invoice.

That’s fine except that the total accumulated amount of those no invoice’s is now sitting as a liability against those retail businesses. Perhaps a little sweep up routine to process the amount originally automatically paid on the market transactions as paid in the new system…

I noticed that my financials has all the previous ones sitting under my liabilities as well. Says I have 28 mil in liabilities and I have shipped out all my orders besides the current one from Fireycorp

Have you guys done the math/comparison of the orders prior to the Open Marker invoice add and the number showing for your liability? And it is the same?

If so, that is good to know that the issue is there, but we are not too concerned at this time because there is another reset coming soon. Making swooping changes in the middle of a round can sometime create issues like this because adding the time to writing it to be backwards handling would be time consuming and kind of pointless knowing that there is a reset coming.

  1. When is this reset?

  2. I calculated the invoices I had and it has came up with 16,166,000 of the 28,030,438 of liabilities. Which if corrected on my manufacturing company would bring it down to 11,864,438 in liabilities. Now this isn’t all of what I had before everything went through the invoicing system. I had a retailer that I started out with and ended up selling so I figure the remaining liabilities would be found there, but you wouldn’t figure that those liabilities would still plague my account since I had sold the business but I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m missing some liabilities here.

Yeah - Roughly right is better than exactly wrong. I haven’t done the exact maths but my instincts tell me it’s the correct answer. Look at all the big retailers and you can see the same problem in each.

Agree if reset is coming it’s not worth worrying about.

No definitive date on reset. We have some major changes coming through that we have to finish up and test. I will do some quick math on my manufacturer and we will keep a close eye on things once the reset happens.

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