Phone Market Demand

I just entered the smartphone business as a retailer, and I quickly noticed that it is impossible to sell high quality phones at maximum capacity. Aside from the US, China, and India (where the markets are quickly filled with retailers), countries don’t have enough market demand to sell 800 phones at a price higher than around 850, even if I am the only retailer. Even in those big countries, once 3 or 4 retailers open up, the same happens.

Could you look into this? I think it might help the smartphone industry if market demand were to increase worldwide.


LOL - it’s quite intentionally designed that way - forcing players to work with less than top quality goods.

But considering the ridiculous difference with the market size for drones, an increase in those consumer groups from 30 million to 45 million and a 50% lift in all countries total annual demand for pharma, phones and cars, wouldn’t hurt the game at all.

The generosity given to the market demand calcs for drones makes the stinginess in the rest of the game a joke. The first to get there will quickly establish an unassailable lead on the rest of the players and the resulting rating dominance just sinks the boot even more. [ Especially when done with 25 - 30 companies even though the game has a limit of 12!!!]

Yes, the gameplay is intentionally designed to support a variety of product quality and features, in order to be more realistic. The game is not about getting to 100/100 on everything (even though some people play it that way).


  • fyi, the minimum market demand in all countries for all products was boosted significantly in this current beta/reset #9 … like more than 3x starting minimum and then double the growth.

  • Drones have also been adjusted down … although drones will still offer significant revenue because as much as you can make lots of profit with them, you can also lose a lot of money very fast if you do not manage them properly. Drones are only open to players that have proven their skills, so you can’t just bypass the hard work that goes into earning the privilege of being in the drone business.