Pharma Sales Stops at 9501 units in Stock - Second time


I posted a bug report a few days ago that my sales stopped for 10 GT days while having 9501 units in inventory, sales started again after I received a new shipment (same product, same quality), You replied that there was nothing wrong with the game.

Now it’s happened again, Sales halted exactly at 9501 units in stock. This seems to be either a display error or another issue.

I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at it.

Riner Pharmacy

Pharma issue 1
Pharma issue 2
Pharma issue 3

Is it possible that you may actually have 0 inventory and the 9501 is out of balance in some way?

Honestly no idea, it looks like a display error to me, don’t have any other explanation for it. I just know sales stops at 9501 every time it hits this figure and starts again when I get a new shipment.

However when first time it happened I had 50k+ units in inventory and it just stopped out of a sudden at 9501 till the next shipment arrived.

So it seems this 9501 has turned into 0.

We checked this out and all is working normally. The problem is that you have 9501 units of inventory with a low value (low quality and features) while your price is set very high for those units, therefore consumers feel they are overpriced.

This is why your sales stop at 9501 because your higher value inventory gets sold out. Your sales start up again once you receive a shipment of higher value inventory.

So, when you run into this problem again, lower your price a lot so you can clear out this low value inventory.

In the future we plan to add a feature that allows you to liquidate your inventory to make it easier to clear out low value products.