Pharma Sales stopped


I can’t seem to get any pharma sales. I am losing money.

Its same with me. My capacity is 6000 units per day but only able to fulfill. 4000. I have tried all the permutation and combination with price and quality. But still it doesnt affect the sales. This is really bothering

THe thing is @GVW_Admin that I really dont’ want to quit this game but I am making 0 sales.

I am in a 15 million debt and I do have some potential partners. The bankrupty popup get out of this with sales.
I can’t make any sales.


@Rmins_PVT_LTD … Just because you are capable of selling a certain capacity does not mean you will sell that many. Sales are influenced by factors like market demand in your country, competitors, product quality and features, price, etc. Try to assess your offering versus competitors and overall market demand.

@MicrosoftEdge check to make sure you have inventory available and lower your price as low as you are allowed to see what happens.

Well I have over 30k pharma and it has been a week without any sales. My unit price is 64g. tried 128. Going to try 115g

Product Competitiveness

Click COUNTRY to change CANADA
Click PRODUCT to change PHARMA


MANUFACTURER Country Price Last Product Sold R&D Features / Staff MFG Quality / Signage Brand Equity
Microsoft Edge Dolphin medial spply Canada g36 20% 0% 18%
Uthando Pharmy Canada g20 0% 0% 15%

Well, I do have better quality

Please try the absolute lowest price the game will allow you to enter in the price box.

Well, I can’t just put the lowest number, I have to factor the otehr stuff as well.

I;ll try 100g. Wait, Is my company bankrupted?

It is selling at 100g but the thing is that last time I ws able to sell anything in retail for double. Strange though.


It’s not strange. It’s how the game works. Sales are based on human competition. Competition can change any minute of any day.

Strange, I can;t seem to sell my 34g unit pharma with 71% quality or anythng today in pharma above 107g.

Um, the sales stopped selling.

Can I request a feature request that alerts you taht sales stopped and should check on your pices and quality. Since, I can’t tel what is the reson why not sellling. It is elling rn. Mixed godo