Pharma Retail Not Working

something is definitely not right with retail. take a look at the below screens. yesterday was 2795, today was 2794. Price is in line…but why would it just stop like that?

All my items are enabled. I would think that if it was not selling my sales would be 0. This is highly suspect. Please investigate.

What it is that you see here that has “stopped”? The summary shows sales yesterday and today doesn’t it?

but half-way thru the GD. here is a better shot for today


why does it just “stop” in the middle of the GD.


Current GD time.

it has not “ticked” in 45 minutes. seems something is skewed.


I have plenty of high grade product on hand. There is an issue with the way it is selling. How can it get to a number and then stop…then the next day sell more…the simulation should just keep on churning. I would think that if my sales were “flat” that I’d at least see a slow increment higher throughout the GD…but there is clearly a problem here - design flaw possibly?

Perhaps you hit the maximum that can be sold based on the salespeople you have working and other efficiency settings.

I have all sales people enabled 6000 per GD and I have all visibility and signage options selected. there are serious issues with the retail mechanics in this game. It should not just stop in the middle of a day when there is plenty of product to sell.

Also, when I adjust the price in the middle of the day it does not wait take effect right away, instead, it goes the next day.


But that doesn’t answer the question. You cannot sell an unlimited number of products every day GT, even if you have everything turned on. There is a limit and you need to check the numbers to see if you have hit that limit or not.

In a game like this, not everything can be instant real time. Some changes need to be scheduled to take effect at specific times.