Pharma-only 107

I can’t seem to get my stuff to sell but only can do it at 107g strange

[ 2:52 PM ]

Hey @GVW Admin @GoVenture World I can’t seem to sell anything above 107g for retail. My stuff no matter what it is in pahrma only sells for 107

[ 2:52 PM ]

Please fix

[ 2:52 PM ]


[ 2:53 PM ]

Like 90 already sold in retail when changed to 107. PLEASE FIX

There is nothing for us to fix. Please invest more time in reviewing the user guide, in game help, and other resources to better understand how sales work.

Just saying, Big T agrees it is a bug.

I used to be able to sell double the retail purchase price. Now I cn’t sell anything at 107, the unit price is confusing

Strange, my last unit price was 37 and sold for 105. My now 41 unti price is selling only at 105. I tried 106, no luck. When put it to 105, magic, the sales start right awawy.