Permanent menu to manage business && mail overlay

the main actions i use are

  • check emails
  • go to a business.

Currently to do it i must:

  • click on manage business
  • click on the business i want to go in

1 - It would be great to always see logo of companies and only to click to the business i want to manage

2 - Further more it would be great to handle mail as an overlay better than like a menu. Cause when we use mail, we always need to navigate again to return the menu we used before.

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Thank you for the suggestions, While we do not have the business shortcuts you are requesting, we do have one speed up feature in the boardroom

if you click on the name of your business in this table

if will take you to your business.

As for the mail I appreciate your concerns.

Good suggestions and there is one other shortcut to mail on the SMARTPHONE in the bottom left corner you will see a mail icon … one click takes you to mail.

i mainly use the shortcut on phone to open mail page as it is always visible.

to complete about mail, i now have long conversations. Problem is the scroll is on the page rather than on mail itself. When i scroll bottom to see previous messages i must scroll up to see buttons to navigate.

I think you should rethink the graphical interface to always make control visible.

More simple, fast and easy to use will be your interface, more pleasure we will have.

I am a web develloper and i am creating my company in real life. I will launch my webapp next month. I have been working on my project fulltime for 3 years now. I spent a lot of time to optimise:

  • user navigation
  • bandwith
  • server and client performances

I love your game concept. Sadly the navigation and the waiting times between 2 action are a real problem.

I see a lot of possible improvments for your application.

I could work for free on my free time to make a global proposal to improve the user experience.

Let me know if you agree

regarding the mail again i suggest an option to delete several mail at a time

Thorien, thanks for your enthusiasm to help us improve the game! Our team actually has a lot of experience building websites and interfaces so I think we are ok. Our problem has been that the gameplay is so complex that it was too difficult to optimize the interface at this early stage.

We actually had to keep redesigning it as more and more features were added to the game (and as HTML5 matured) so we decided to just focus on getting the main gameplay ready and leaving the optimization until later.

We hope to make these improvements in the coming months and we hope you will continue to stay with our game and offer your feedback.

And, best wishes with your new business too!