Outside stock exchange

Hello, maybe an interesting idea would also be to design stocks that would trade on stock exchange that are not just game players. To have something similar to Wall Street Raider type of stock trading since with only cars and 10 businesses eventually you get to the point of having tons of money which just sits there and your return on assets is negligible.

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We actually have BONDS like you describe. They often get purchased quickly, so we should consider issuing more to allow more players to buy. As the game grows, we think there will be more activity on the stock market. And we will be adding features in the future to help with that.

I’m not sure that we want to add fictitious stocks though as we want to keep the game as real as possible. It’s easier to add fictitious BONDS as we already have because bonds are generally fixed return on investment, whereas stocks depend on the performance of the business.

I see, thank you for answer. It makes a lot of sense what you are saying, especially when new products are added and more companies participate. It will really be great then.

One idea for brainstorming purposes on stock exchange: basically all retailers, manufacturers, law and investment firms are subsidiaries. Maybe subsidiaries (branches) could be listed separately, especially later if player under 1 umbrella company has a couple of different sector companies (cars, cosmetics, farming etc.). So holding company could own some % of some subsidiaries (or businesses), some 100% etc. From 1 player you could get 10 different stock exchange listings thus enriching stock exchange and offering more options for investors. It would take changes in financial reporting too as each subsidiary would need its own financials but that would significantly improve games connectidness toward real life financing thus making it “more real” and enhance learning experience as well.