Open Market Restructuring

I have mentioned it in the chat in game but it wasn’t noticed so I’ll place it here so it can be seen. This is to stop market spamming of other competitive offers on the market (refer to photo below):

As you can see, it’s spamming other offers and my suggestion here will eliminate this. I suggest this:

(Going to the open market): Have it listed like it is now except with holding company name only as the main entry as the main row (these rows will be drill down rows, if I remember correctly about the rows that can be dropped down to view more data are called). It will be nothing but the Holding Company name (ex. Lifeline Inc, Fireyscorp, etc). Next, businesses can click these rows to view all of the offers from all the businesses that the Holding Company has with all of the details like pricing per vehicle, total amount, which business, etc and from the drill down of the listing of vehicles is where they would be able to select offers and be able to view them by Holding Company to allow everyone to have a fair chance in the market so that putting multiple offers up knocks out your competition.

Example in flow chart:

Load Open Market Screen

Populate Table Rows with Holding Company Names (if they have offers on market from any of their businesses, otherwise, they don’t need to be there) that are drillable rows (can display more information in a subset of table rows).
Drillable Rows will have remaining data like business name that is selling, price per vehicle, total, etc.
User clicks the drillable row they wish to purchase (just as when you click the row now) and completes purchase order
Clear Holding Company from list once all orders from all businesses of holding company are purchased

This would allow all of a holding company’s offers to be seen and compare to other holding companies (via the drillable rows where the remaining data can be provided) and also give the competition a chance as well.


This idea has merit.

@Lifeline_Inc, thanks for the post and comments. We will log this for review by the Dev Team.


It occurs to me that a retailer should be able to post an open market buy request in a similar way to a manufacturer posting their goods for open sale. This would allow a manufacturer to sell into the buy market rather than posting and waiting. It should also be allocating bxp at the same level that a mfr gets for posting product on open market - thus removing a current unfair advantage to a maker.

To work, a retailer would have to be able to nominate R&D, Quality, Quantity, and a landed price per unit into store. If a potential supplier met the R&D / Quality minimums they could accept the sale, but would be warned of taxes and freight payable to achieve the into store price.

Wouldn’t be super hard coding I wouldn’t have thought as we do those calculations in reverse when a retailer buys on market.

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Interesting idea Firey … noodled it around a bit, and my worry is that adding this to the Open Market would reduce the Direct Sales activity. Right now, I like how some players will post in Chat that they are looking for product, and I would like to see more of that activity. I would also worry that many of the posts would go stale pretty quickly (although we could mitigate that by automatically hiding them after a couple of days).

We are definitely going to implement this feature for Stocks and Bonds, but not sure about it with the Open Market at the moment … but we will document it for future consideration as the game changes over time. Thanks!