Open Market only displaying page 1?

May just be my browser (Chrome) but the open market screen only shows page 1 of 1 displaying 20 offers but there are nearly 50 if you chose that option.

I also have a question… When you make a direct sale the vendor pays for shipping (FIS) Is it the same for an open market sale? - does the transport fee get deducted from the sale price and if so, which transport co is used. Apologies if this is in the guide - I haven’t read it since I came back.

You are right that there seems to be a problem with the pagination in the Open Market. We will get that fixed.

MFG pays for shipping on direct sales.

RETAILER pays for shipping on Open Market (and gets to choose Transportation company at time of purchase).

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Yes thank you,
I read the guide this morning. (Was just about to edit and say I found it…)

Thank you for bring this to our attention, this has been corrected.