Offer to sell expired, made 50% down payment, can't get it back

This has happened on my last 3 orders, when I have made 50% down payment and the money has gone, but before the offer was shipped by the seller, the offer to sell/buy expired. Now it says I have 1,950 goods ‘on order’, but I don’t think they will ever be ‘in transit’ or shipped. I am a smartphone retailer and I am currently out of stock. From over g900,000 , I have now come down to around g373,000 because of these 3 50% down payments and I can’t even make big orders anymore.
Please advise.

Please advise.

You have to contact the sellers to request that they meet the terms of your agreement and ship your product.

This is part of the gameplay, making sure you do business with players you hope will meet the terms of your agreements.

Oh, right, so they can still ship the product.
OK, thank you.

Yes they can. The offer once accepted by you or the manufacturer, has to be fulfilled only if you have paid it in advance.

If there is any order that has not been fulfilled even after you have paid and the time has passed then you can ask the manufacturer and if he/she refuses then you can file for dispute by going through legal section.

Remember we are always there for you @FWS_Holdings . You can always ask help from legal affairs and we will be there to fight with you, for you. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the legal advice, that will really come in handy in the future.
We will certainly keep your company in mind if we need to deal with any legal issues. :slightly_smiling_face:

We love your hustle @Rmins_PVT_LTD :slight_smile:

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