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I joined the game about 3 months ago and played it very enthusiastically since then. The game is indeed unique, wonderful and worth playing but with the passage of time, the players are losing interest as the game is static and no new options in the game play are being introduced. Moreover, after the price restrictions clause, the chase to earn more G money has also faded away as this has aided the super rich to be on their position while new players struggle to earn money in the game. The game business process is very carefully designed and it meets the criteria of somewhat real business world but after understanding the logic behind the game play, interests in the game is usually lost. Nevertheless the developers are indeed working on to bring in some new features/products in the game as what I read from the previous posts but they need to be deployed at the earliest as I just went through the business directory wherein I have observed that majority of active players have left the game as it does not lure them to stick around. In this regard, I humbly request the Developers team to introduce new products or feature.

Some of the features that I am recommending over here are as follows:

  1. Designing the supply chain network feature which might include procurement/stocking of raw material, placement of distribution center and warehouse of finished goods depicting well defined capacity, Freight logistics agency (which may include buying the fleet of carrier, trucks and resolving port clearance issues) and so on.

  2. Mass production of products engaging designing of products, buying of plant, hiring adequate human resource, frequent machinery breakdowns, up-gradation of plant involving huge capital investment to make prudent decision, return of defective products and maintenance routines of Plants.

  3. Sale of products into the retail market should be contingent upon number of companies operating in the country and the marketing efforts put in by the player. I have observed that sale proceeds in the normal manner even if you run the advertising campaign or not or how much companies are operating in the country. There is no sense of competition in the retail market and also on the manufacturing side. I can sell my products in the market without any strategy and that makes it a status quo routine whereas the real world scenarios are vice versa.

  4. In the beginning the ample amount of cash is inherited to the player and as soon as he/she joins the retail world, he/she start rolling over the money backing ideal world sales with adequate amount of cash to open new businesses in the matter of g world days without analyzing the time constraint and investment blocked into the new project. There must be huge investments criteria to open a new manufacturing business so that the player keeps him/herself busy in achieving those milestones either in terms of branding, financial figures in the balance sheet or HR pertinent issues.

  5. In the real world, HR department plays a key role in the functioning of the organization and I see hardly any HR role other than advisors giving repeated messages. This function can be enhanced by hiring the skilled employees demanding higher compensation and their subsequent impact on productivity. There must be a floor of HR department in the stimulated tower of our company to make central decisions of hiring, firing, promoting, transferring (to other countries) of employees.

  6. The Go Venture World political system of countries should be governed by the players themselves. This system can indeed be back end audited by the developers but the decisions regarding taxation, licenses of opening new business in the foreign land, justice and political infrastructure should be made by the president, prime minister or whatever the executive body you name it. For the purpose of the game, you can develop the political infrastructure regime on the basis of regions and not on the basis of countries as it will be much complex and that executive body should be the one or two players from each region duly elected by the players in the region. If you are interested I can give you the entire flow of this module in a much specific detail.

I know that the above-mentioned features might have been requested by many players of Go Venture community. I have just added my part to reinforce the importance of this game in the years to come if exploited fully.

I am sorry if my critique or suggestions are out of box and the only reason for this might be my little understanding of the game or may be I am expecting too much from this game.

Thanks and keep up the good work,

Sohaib Leghari

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Hi sohaibleghari … thanks for playing and taking the time to share your feedback!

We have been hard at work fixing the most important issues in the game, many of which you have identified, like the economy. The good news is that we are getting close to implementing a number of changes and improvements and will be doing an UPGRADE and a full game RESET likely this month.

Once we have these big issues out of the way, we can turn our attention to adding more gameplay to keep players engaged even longer.

Here are thoughts on your six items:

(1) Yes, this would be a nice addition to the game and we have plans to add supply chain gameplay. Some things are easier to do and we will add those in the coming weeks. Other things are much bigger and will take much longer to do.

(2) Product design is something we have a small feature in the game now but it has no effect (yet). We may add Human Resources features in the future, but right now we are keepting the game at high level strategy. We don’t want to randomly break equipment as that becomes too random. With the next upgrade, you will have to invest in adding the MFG and R&D stations.

(3) This is all due to problems with the economy, which are being fixed right now.

(4) Same as #3 above plus we are changing the BXP requirements for starting a new business.

(5) There is a bit of HR in the RETAIL BUSINESS, but we have purposely kept HR and other business details out of the gameplay for now because we want to keep the game focused on high level strategy instaed of the day to day details of running a business (if you are interested in that, check our this product of ours In the future we may indeed add HR and other such details as OPTIONAL gameplay for GoVenture World for those players that want to play more deeply.

(6) That’s an interesting idea. Right now you may know that each player can VOTE to influence the government regulations. But we hadn’t thought about having real players try to get elected as representatives. That is neat to think about and we will add it to our future consideration.

We do really appreciate your feedback. As we grow the game, many of our new features will come from player feedback like yours! Please keep playing!

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Some good points there. I was just thinking about letting players govern a country but having restrictions like only one country and only if your holding company was there. Maybe the highest taxpayers in the country get the most votes in proportion to the tax they pay but it’s an ongoing vote so if your policies are bad a group can get rid of the biggest player as head of Gov.
Just not sure what policy settings it would be sensible to let a governor control…

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Right now, the only government policies that can be influenced by player votes are INCOME TAX and IMPORT DUTIES. By lobbying government to increase IMPORT DUTIES, local companies make it more expensive for competitors to ship products into their countries. But, the other companies/countries may retaliate by increasing their IMPORT DUTIES too.

Not sure what other policies could open up in the future. We will have to see what direction the gameplay goes.