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In my opinion i think by having the Goventure World 1st Law you are killing the Law firm business for the rest of the players who may want to operate one. By having it you undercut any new law firm business;for example since you have trademarks for 25k any new law firm that comes would either have to match your price or go lower. Keep in mind that 25k is already very low. I’m not saying that a admin law is not necessary but i believe it should only work in capacity where its only needed in special occasion(lets say theres only one law firm and the plaintiff already hired so the defendant is left with nothing) and i also believe that the 1st should not be able to do trademarks. The trademark system is one of the main parts of the law firm, so by undercutting new law firms its really not helping. Think about it, does the government really need to get paid? If by any chance lets think back to last round when a similar instance like how i described happened when a player sued another player and there were only two law firms and the plaintiff owned the other, i could be wrong but that player was Byfield and i dont think you made him pay for the assistance you gave him so why pay now? I can name another example with the player who got the trademark last round but i do not remember his/her name.

Hey Jobsons … you are right and we agree. Law Firms and Investment Banks run by GoVenture World should only be operated when there are no other options.

And we should operate them with VERY expensive fees so that player-run businesses are encouraged to start and for other players to hire them.

$25k is too low for trademarks and will have to be increased a lot. We should also consider not doing trademarks at all, as long as we think a law firm will be started soon by someone.

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Alright cool im glad you agree.